The 6 Things You Don’t Know About The Cat

There are more than 88 million pet cats are lying on the sofas or stroll around the yards, obviously, cat is the most favorite pet in America. Maybe you are holding a cat when reading this article, are you sure you know the cat very well? Below is some knowledge which maybe you didn’t know.


  1. We know cats have good night vision ability because behind the retina there is a reflected layer. This layer can send back the light which pass though retina into the eyes. But do you know cats actually are myopic, the visual acuity of cats is from 10/100-20/200, in another words, a cat must at 65 ft to see an object which a people can see at around 328-656 ft.
  2. There are 20 muscle to control cat’s ears, so they can turn their ears to the direction of the sound source, additionally they can judge the sound position one 40 inches away within 3 inches. it is very import when they are hunting.
  3. Do you know cats will sleep 16-20 hours per day? Actually, they will spend 70% time to sleep or nap. This is determined by their nature. Feline are predators, they need a huge amount of energy to track and kill prey,and sleep is an effective way to supplement energy, that is why lion, tiger and leopards like to sleep. As pet, the cats don’t need to worry about eating food or drinking water, so they have more time to sleep. Just like human, if you like play game, maybe you will spend 1 or 2 hours to play game after working, but if someday you don’t need to work, you will spend more time to play game.
  4. Have you tasted cat food? I have, this is happened when I was a child. I dreamed of becoming a super hero like a cat, and I firmly believe that eating cat food is an effective way. I tried it and then gave up because the cat food is salty, but I like sweetness. Although it is very stupid, at least I know that cats like salty food. In fact the cats have no idea about sweet, because they lack a element which is called TAS1R2 protein , this is one required the function of sweetness sensory .
  5. Cats are social animals, they will transmit information each other by more than 100 different sounds which is 10 time of dog sound. One of famous cat sound is cat chirping or called cat chattering. When the cats discover the birds in the distance, they will focus on the birds and make the cat chattering.
  6. How do judge your cat is right-pawed or left-pawed? Very easy, if your cat is girl, she is usually right-pawed, and he is boy, he is usually left-pawed.


Cats are like a fairy hiding a lot of secrets. This may be one reason why we like them. If you know more cats secret, welcome to share with us.

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